✅Those Who Feed Stray Dogs Are Liable For Attacks Says Supreme Court

Delhi: An article is doing the rounds on national media websites that the Supreme Court has given a serious warning to those who adopt stray dogs. The summary of the articles is that not only feeding them every day, but also reminding them that they are also responsible for getting vaccinations, if they bite someone, those who care for them will be responsible for the consequences.

A bench consisting of Justice Sanjiv Khanna and Justice JK Maheshwari said that along with the protection of mute animals, the safety of the people should also be taken into consideration, and the bench said that the people who feed the stray dogs should also take responsibility, if they attack anyone, they will be held responsible for those incidents. Popularly viral through media channels. However, it has now been found that there is no truth in this story.

Maneka Gandhi, MP and Member of Animal Protection Samiti released a video. In that video, she clarified that neither the court nor any judge has made such comments, some people are spreading such propaganda only with malicious intent. So, the campaign that the Supreme Court has made adverse comments on the adoption of stray dogs has no substance.

Meanwhile, statistics say that 1.5 crore people have been bitten by dogs in the country since 2019. Uttar Pradesh reported the highest number of cases, followed by Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and West Bengal. Among these, pet dogs are the most attacked by stray dogs. In order to prevent the attacks of stray dogs which have become a major threat in Kerala and Mumbai, the relevant civil departments of the government have focused on killing them.

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In this context, many petitions were registered in the high courts of the respective states, but the courts rejected them. Due to this, the associations for the protection of mute animals approached the Supreme Court. On this occasion, the Supreme Court is hearing a batch of petitions. During the latest investigation, the next investigation was postponed to September 28.

Meanwhile, the authorities have declared that the number of stray dogs in Manipur, Lakshadweep and Dadranagar havelis in the country is zero.

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