✅top10 telugu latest news evening headlines 10th September 2022

1. Cold war in Karimnagar TRS.. Audio leak as minister target!
The emergence of communal politics in the ruling TRS party in Karimnagar district has become a topic of discussion locally.
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2. Declaration of Charles-3 as the King of Britain.. Coronation is delayed because..
With the death of Queen Elizabeth-2, her son Charles-3 officially became the king of the United Kingdom. On Saturday, the Accession Council officially announced his name.
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3. Congress MPs who shocked Sonia.. The letter became a hot topic!
The Congress party is going through a tough time in the country. Recently senior leaders are leaving the Congress party one by one.
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4. A scythe around the neck.. a lock on the leg.. the bones of the ‘vampire’ that have been exposed!
Some questions need to be answered on this earth. In particular.. researchers are constantly working to crack what are considered ‘elusive’ mysteries.
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5. Who’s participation in the construction of those barrages?
Those two projects stand as Manihara for Nellore district. The Chief Minister YS Jagan, who started them recently, dedicated them to the nation and started the Jalayagnam projects.
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6. Lankan Asia Cup.. Pre-decided!
Only one more day left for the 15th edition of the Asia Cup tournament. Even if the World Cup is not so much.. the chance to become a champion in the Asian continent is through the Asia Cup..
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7. What happened in the royal family before the death of Elizabeth-2? Will Harry’s wife, Meghan, come?
It is known that Queen Elizabeth II of Britain passed away on Thursday. But before her death, the British media on the things that happened in Balmoral Castle, the residence of the royal family.
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8. Alas! Tim Cook..and the story is over!
Apple checks the tactics of dumping refurbished iPhones (used or second-hand phones) in the Indian market.
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9. Team India’s selection is finalized.. Harshal fit, Bumrah out..!
It seems that the time has been finalized for the selection of the Indian team for the T20 World Cup, which will start from the 16th of next month (October).
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10. He is more interested in other people’s love lives than in the script
Bollywood star heroine Kangana Ranaut is furious with the ‘Brahmastra’ movie team. Director Ayan Mukherjee was criticized for burning Rs.600 crores for this film.
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