✅top10 telugu latest news morning headlines 10th November 2022

1. Masala
The leading multinational company ITC is undertaking massive expansion programs in the state. This company, which has already set up a five star hotel in Guntur under the name of Welcome with Rs.140 crores.
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2. Dammit.. the stone has turned!
Even though the story, screenplay and direction are good, sometimes some movies fail at the box office due to the mistakes of the actor.
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3. Another political twist in Telangana.. Are Thummala’s party changing?
Former Minister Tummala Nageswara Rao’s Atmaya Sammelanam has become a hot topic in Telangana politics. He arranged a spiritual meeting with his fans in Wajedu of Mulugu district.
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4. Sean Rivers.. Biden’s interesting comments on midterm election results
The scene has been reversed in the mid-term election results in America. The Republican Party has gained dominance.
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5. Resignation from the post of minister for the third time
Gavin Williamson has resigned from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s cabinet in Britain. There have been criticisms against him in the past that he slanders fellow MPs and threatens government employees.
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6. The real story has just started.. The key twist in the episode of MLAs
Every day there is a twist in the purchase of TRS MLAs. Meanwhile, it is known that the Telangana government has set up a seat on this episode.
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7. Deportation of thousands in Meta: Unrest among H1B visa holders
Social media platform Facebook’s parent company Meta..
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8. Rain threat for semis match..? If it is cancelled, Team India will be in the final
As part of the T20 World Cup-2022, the second semi-final match between India and England will be held at the Adelaide venue today (November 10).
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9. Coexistence with him.. The heroine who gave clarity
Vanibhojan is an actress who has grown from a TV anchor to a silver screen heroine. She became famous as Nayantara on the screen by acting in a TV serial in the middle and became the protagonist through the film Utthita 97..
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10. KCR’s fear is the same.. Tarun Chug Churakalu
BJP National General Secretary Tarun Chugh has challenged KCR to have a public discussion on the funds received by the state when he was the Union Minister and the funds received after 2014.
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