✅Vedic Planetarium Temple: Worlds Largest Hindu Temple

With a different style of architecture, this building is shining in white and blue colors and how amazing it is! This unique structure belongs to our India. Vedic Planetarium Temple under construction in Mayapur, West Bengal. Let’s know the special features of this temple which is being built by ISKCON.

The photos of this temple, which is going to become the largest in the world, were recently shared on Twitter by the organizers of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISCON). The value of this project which started in 2010 is one hundred million dollars. This temple is being built to symbolize the movements of various planets in the universe. According to the organizers, it is useful to learn about the universe according to the Vedas and other mythological stories.

This temple, which will join the list of iconic buildings in the country, is bigger than St. Paul’s Cathedral in Vatican and Taj Mahal in Agra. The dome of the temple is also the largest in the world. Henceforth ISKCON organization will function as the main center. Moreover, it has the capacity to accommodate 10 thousand devotees at a time.

Alfred Ford, the grandson of business tycoon Henry Ford, is taking care of its construction affairs. He is an ISKCON devotee who has now changed his name to Ambarish Das. We want to see this miracle immediately… But we have to wait till 2024. Although it was supposed to start by 2022, ISKCON organizers said that it was delayed by two years due to Corona. There is no doubt that the devotees of Krishna are eagerly waiting for the completion of this structure which impresses the common people.

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