✅Viral Video: AAP Said Congress Help Removing The BJPs Vehicle

Ahmedabad: Is the Congress helping to pull out the BJP vehicle which is in trouble this time during the elections in Gujarat? Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal satirised. It is known that assembly elections will be held on December 1 and 5 in Gujarat, which has 182 seats.

In this background, all parties are busy in election campaign rally meetings. To this extent, the campaign rally vehicle with BJP posters got stuck in the mud. With this, the Congress campaign vehicle tried to take it out with the help of the campaign vehicle. In this context, Arvind Kejriwal made satirical comments saying that the BJP is stuck in the Gujarat elections and that it is the direction of the Congress. Commenting on the story of ILU-ILU (Vehicles) of BJP and Congress in this election, they posted a video of the incident.

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