✅Viral Video: Biryani ATM in Chennai lets customers take fresh biryani in minutes

ATM.. Hearing this name, anyone remembers the mission of withdrawing money. It is well known that various bank account holders withdraw money through ATM cards. Recently there are ATMs for buying gold. Recently another new ATM has become available. First Biryani ATM opened in Tamil Nadu in India. Through this, consumers can get a sizzling biryani in just minutes.

A startup company from Chennai has come forward with this innovative idea. Boy Vetu Kalyanam (BVK) has started these Biryani ATMs at Kolathur in the city. It serves premium wedding style biryani. Its representatives say that it has been set up keeping in mind the demand for biryani. When the video was posted on Instagram, it went viral. It shows how food is delivered.

How do these Biryani ATMs work?
This Biryani ATM is similar to what is inside the normal ATMs. In this outlet, one has to select the desired biryani from the menu in this machine installed with 32 inches on the touch screen and enter the name and mobile number. Then pay the biryani price through debit/credit cards or UPI scanner.

After paying the money, a countdown timer will turn on on the screen. You can know how soon the hot biryani will arrive through this timer. After the allotted time, open the small door of the ATM machine and take away the Biryani parcel. This biryani ATM which comes with a new idea will impress the customers. Netizens are praising it. The idea of ​​BVK is being praised as excellent.
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