✅Viral Video DCW Chief Swati Maliwal Dragged by Drunk Car Driver

New Delhi: It is known that a man sexually harassed Swati Maliwal, Chairperson of the Women’s Commission in Delhi. When she went to check the safety of women in the national capital city, she was dragged for 15 meters by a man under the influence of alcohol. This incident is currently creating a furore across the country. The day after it happened, the video of the incident came out. Recently this video has become viral.

In this… he came on the road with his team to check the safety of women in the national capital. While standing near AIIMS hospital in the wee hours of Thursday morning, a Baleno car came to her and stopped. The man asks Swati to come and sit in the car.. to which she responds.. sorry I can’t hear you.. where will you drop me. Soon Maliwal Kasta went away and the man left the place in anger.

After a while he took Uturn and came to her. Angry Maliwal was forced to get into the car again and went to the car driver shouting. The car driver closed the window while trying to pull the car driver out through the window with her arm inside. As a result, while Swati’s hand remained in the car, the accused also locked her for 15 meters.

Delhi Police registered a case after Swati Maliwal complained. The police identified the accused as 47-year-old Harish Chandra. He was arrested within 22 minutes of receiving the complaint. It is claimed that the Baleno car has been seized. Later, when he was produced in the court, the court handed him over to 14-day custody.

Responding to this, Swati Maliwal described her experience as a terrifying incident. She said that if her team was not available in time, she would have faced another Anjali situation. . He said that God saved his life and only the woman chair person in Delhi can understand the condition of common people without Bhatra. It is known that on the first day of this year (January 1), a young woman named Anjali was dragged by a car for 13 kilometers by some young men under the influence of alcohol. The victim lost her life in this incident.
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