✅Viral Video: Driver Transporting School Children Sitting Atop Auto Rickshaw

Many motorists are traveling carelessly ignoring the rules of the traffic police to control road accidents. It is unfortunate that fatal road accidents are happening before our eyes. There is also a rule about how many people can travel in which vehicles. But some motorists who are desperate for money are carrying people beyond the limit and getting into accidents. Here an auto driver did such a thing. The strange thing is that even after he left the police station, no action was taken.

If we go into the details… in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, an auto driver took the children sitting together on the auto. He made about three children sit on top of the auto. Those three children are between 11 and 13 years of age. To this extent, a Twitter user posted a video of the incident and asked, “Can anyone send their children to school like this?” He added the caption and posted it again.

Moreover, he said that it is strange that no one has taken action even though the auto had gone from the nearby RTO office and Nakitiya Police Outpost. He commented that maybe everyone is sleeping. Bareilly police took this viral video as sumoto and tweeted that they will register a case and take action against the driver and also impose a fine. To this extent, Police Officer Rajeev Kumar Singh said that action will be taken against drivers who endanger the lives of children, and they will talk to the school management to prevent such drivers.

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