✅Viral Video: Drunk Teacher With Beer Cans Taking Class In UP School

Even in the profession of a teacher, an enlightened person fell into a terrible tragedy. Not only did the students come to school drunk, but he put down an empty beer bottle in front of the girls. That too, coming to school drunk like this while in a holy profession of telling students good and bad, made everyone a bit upset.

The incident took place in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. A video related to that is beating the Nettinta tribe. In that video, this teacher came drunk and put down an empty beer bottle in front of them. While someone was taking a video from one side, he tried to hide another beer bottle and failed.

Responding to this incident, the district authorities of Uttar Pradesh suspended the concerned teacher. It is reported that some people noticed the teacher coming to school under the influence of alcohol and recorded this video. Responding to this incident, Delhi Commission for Women Chairperson Swati Mali on Twitter asked the Uttar Pradesh police to take action against the teacher who came drunk in front of the students.

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