✅Viral Video: Men Beat Each Other With Slippers While Fighting

If you open social media, you can see hundreds of videos. Funny, informative, dancing, animals… many types of these are trending. No one can tell when and which video will go viral. Recently, a video of two people fighting near a building has gone viral on the internet. One looks old and the other is middle aged.

It is not known how the fight started between the two but they fought worse than bitter enemies. They cursed and crushed each other as if they liked each other more. Meanwhile, the old man took out his sandal and tried to hit the other man, while another man also attacked him with a sandal. For a while, both of them played with their faces with sandals. Their fight, which went on without anyone losing, eventually turned violent. It is not known when this incident happened but it has become viral on the net.
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