✅Viral Video: Two Men Broke Liquor Shop Get Drunk Caught Police

Chennai: Two thieves went to a liquor shop to steal liquor bottles and were caught red-handed by the police. The incident took place in Thiruvellur, Tamil Nadu. Going into the details….According to the story given by the police….those thieves used a drilling machine to make a hole in the liquor shop to steal liquor bottles. But after the thieves entered the shop, they were tempted to see the liquor bottles and changed their plans.

They want to stay in that shop for a while and enjoy themselves. The plan was implemented sooner than expected. The thieves were caught by the police because of their perversity. As soon as they entered the liquor shop, the police took them out and arrested them.

The related video is doing the rounds. As a result, the netizens tweeted praising the work of the police saying that the police could have opened the door with the owner of the shop and detained more policemen, but otherwise it was great to take them into custody the way they entered the shop.

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