✅Women’s Reservation Bill: BRS MLC K Kavitha Hunger Strike At Jantar Mantar Live Updates

Live Updates..

Sitaram Yechury.. Kavitha has taken a good decision. A step forward for women. Our support will continue until the bill is passed. This bill is pending since 30 years.

A women’s bill is necessary for women to grow politically, socially and economically. The bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha. Pending in the Lok Sabha. Prime Minister Modi should keep his election promises.

Society cannot progress without the participation of women. Prime Minister Modi has promised women reservation. It has been nine years.. Till now the bill has not been introduced.

MLC Kavitha said on this occasion.. It is our tradition to respect women. Our struggle will continue till the passage of the Women’s Bill. The Women’s Reservation Bill should be passed. Women who are half in dharani and half in sky want half the opportunities. Till then, everyone will fight together.

He said that the Women’s Reservation Bill has been pending for a long time and even though the Bill was introduced in 1996 during the tenure of Prime Minister Deve Gowda, it has not yet become a law. He said that the BJP government currently has an absolute majority in the Parliament. Therefore, if the bill is introduced, all the parties will support it. He clarified that the Women’s Bill is a historical necessity and must be achieved.

There is no rest until women’s reservation is achieved. They will fight by including all the women of the country. There is a Telugu Nanu called Half in Dharani, Half in Sky. That is why we want to get half of the opportunities.

On this occasion, Kavitha remembered the women leaders who had earlier fought for the Women’s Reservation Bill. He praised them.

MLC Kavita Deeksha started at Jantar Mantar. Sitaram Yechury, ministers and women representatives participated in the initiation along with Kavitha.

A poem by MLC who arrived at the Jantar Mantar Diksha Camp.

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CPIM’s Sitaram Yechury will initiate the initiation.

Kavitha of BRMP said at Jantar Mantar..BJP has nothing to do but to accuse them. BJP really has love and sincerity for women and should approve the Women’s Bill in Parliament. He said BJP has full majority in Parliament. They said that their struggle will continue until the women’s bill is passed. In order for BJP to come to power in any state, it weakens the strong parties there. But he made comments saying that BJP is not tolerating CM KCR.

Sabitha Indra Reddy said.. He wants to keep the promise given by the BJP party. We are bringing pressure as per our responsibility. He questioned why the bill was not approved despite the full majority in the House.

MLC Kavitha left for Jantar Mantar.

Witness, Delhi: BRS Party MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha.. It is known that he will go on hunger strike at Jantar Mantar in Delhi today.

They are starting a protest demanding that the Women’s Reservation Bill, which provides 33 percent reservation for women in the legislatures, should be introduced and passed in the Parliament.

Bharat Jagruti leaders have made all the arrangements for this initiation.

Diksha will start at 10 am and will continue till 4 pm.

While 18 political leaders have already declared their solidarity for Kavita Diksha, leaders and representatives of women’s organizations from various states will be present.

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