15 year old bowler took the wicket of Alastair Cook, showed his cricket by dismissing 4 batsmen in 12 overs match

Alastair Cook was clean bowled by a 15-year-old boy

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There was only one more match of 12 overs but in that he showed full display of his bowling skills. Alastair Cook showed his inner cricketing talent.

Age 15 years. That is, it is certain that he would not have even been born when Alastair Cook made his test debut. But, when the 15-year-old bowler faced Alastair Cook for the first time in a match, he did not take even 15 minutes to blow the wicket of the former England opener. And leave it to make it difficult for Cook to score even 15 runs. There was only one more match of 12 overs but in that he showed full display of his bowling skills. Cook showed his inner cricketing talent. Know more, the way in which he clean bowled Cook, seeing him, the former England captain himself got electrocuted. At the same time, the onlookers were also stunned to see.

Now just know when and where this match was played. This match took place in Poton. Alastair Cook had come to play cricket for Bedfordshire Farmers’ Club. He plays once every year for this club. And, this year too, he was doing the same thing when a 15-year-old became a victim of an unknown face.

15 year old bowler clean bowled Cook

12 over match Bedfordshire Club scored 128 runs for the loss of 7 wickets in this match. But Cook’s contribution was only 15 runs in this. During this, he definitely hit 3 fours, but before he became a big threat, 15-year-old bowler Kieran Shackleton, playing with the opposition team, blew his wicket.

4 wickets in 12 overs match

That 15-year-old bowler jumped after taking the wicket of Cook. But it did not stop here. Even beyond this, he picked up a lot of wickets. And out of 7 wickets that fell for Bedfordshire club, 4 alone. This shows that the clean bowled he hit to Cook, he would have done it not in tukke but on the strength of his talent.

Alastair Cook has scored more than 25000 runs in first class cricket. So there he has more than 15000 runs in international cricket.

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