1947: When the country was divided, 2 brothers parted, met after 74 years in Kartarpur, cried a lot – Separated by Partition brothers meet at Kartarpur Corridor after 74 years NTC

Story Highlights

  • Both the brothers were separated during the partition of 1947.
  • After 74 years, they met in Kartarpur Corridor

Mohammad Siddiqui was a child during the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947. His family fell apart. Siddiqui’s brother Habib alias Shela grew up in India after partition. Now after 74 years, the Kartarpur Corridor (which connects Gurdwara Darbar Sahib located in Pakistan with India) has merged the two.

The video of both the brothers is going viral on social media. Seeing this, people are getting very emotional and making different types of comments. According to media reports, Mohammad Siddiqui lives in Faisalabad, Pakistan. While his brothers live in Punjab, India. Both got emotional seeing each other in Kartarpur. Both the brothers were seen hugging and crying.

The video of the meeting of the two brothers is also going viral on social media. In this, both the brothers are seen in the Kartarpur Corridor. There are some people with him too. In the video, both the brothers were seen embracing each other passionately.

Both the brothers have thanked the Government of India and Pakistan for opening the Kartarpur Corridor. Through the corridor, people of India can go to Kartarpur in Pakistan without a visa. This corridor started in November 2019.

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