How To Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID (VID)?

how to generate aadhaar virtual id

Hello everyone, today we will talk about Aadhaar Card Virtual ID. Do you want to know what is Aadhaar Virtual ID and how you can generate Aadhaar Card Virtual ID? After reading this post, you will get the answer to all the questions related to Aadhar Card Virtual ID. Earlier there was a saying that it is very important to have bread, cloth, and a house for everyone. But today it has become very important to have an Aadhar card along with bread, cloth, and house. Because today whether it is private sector or Govt. Sector, everywhere the Aadhaar card must be submitted in the documentation of any work. 

That’s why today every Indian makes his Aadhaar card and according to a report so far about 119 crore people have got their Aadhaar card made and the linking of Aadhaar number from their mobile number, from a bank account, from LIC policy, and also from PAN card has been done. Perhaps you must be aware that recently many incidents of Aadhaar card data leaks have come to the fore and because of that many people are now questioning the safety of the data associated with the Aadhaar card and the essentiality of Aadhaar cards everywhere.

how to generate aadhaar virtual id

Therefore, amidst the questions arising regarding the security of the Aadhaar card, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has taken a very big step to further strengthen its security and in this direction, UIDAI has introduced a new concept called “Aadhar Card Virtual ID”. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which runs the government’s Aadhaar program, said that it is now going to bring virtual Aadhaar ID, which will have a 16-digit temporary number, which people can share in lieu of their Aadhaar whenever they want. Let us now know about Aadhaar Card Virtual ID details.

What is Aadhaar Card Virtual ID?

Before knowing what is Aadhaar Virtual ID and what is the need for it is, I would like to tell you that how our data is leaked from the different places we use our Aadhaar number. And also know how data leak problem from Aadhaar Virtual ID will go away

Right now, wherever we need to submit our identity proof, we give our Aadhar number or a photocopy of our Aadhar card and this means that the one to whom we have given our Aadhar details along with our Aadhar card, our photo, name, the address, date of birth and father name are also known.

Apart from this, he can download our original Aadhaar card from our Aadhaar number by visiting the E-Aadhaar site and can also misuse it because our photo is also colored on the E-Aadhaar card.

Now you have understood that the system of using the current Aadhaar number is not safe at all. So the UIDAI, which runs the government’s Aadhaar program, has launched Aadhaar Card Virtual ID on March 1, 2018. Let us now know what is Aadhaar Virtual ID (VID)?

Aadhaar Virtual ID will be a random number of 16 digits i.e. any number of 16 digits and this 16 digits number i.e. Virtual ID will have to be generated by the Aadhaar user himself by visiting UIDAI’s site.

This 16-digit Virtual ID will be valid for only one day i.e. whenever you need to prove your identity at any place like opening a bank account, for government subsidy, for getting an instant passport, and for buying a new insurance policy. Whenever your Aadhaar number is needed, on the same day you can generate a new Virtual ID for yourself and give it to them.

To whomever you have given your VID, you will get only that much information from your VID as it is useful and that VID will become invalid after 1 day i.e. the use of that Aadhaar VID can’t be verified again at someplace.

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Apart from this, it also benefited that no one else got your Aadhaar card number i.e. no one can know your Aadhaar number from your VID. Its special thing is that no other person can generate the VID of the user. It can be generated only by the user because this OTP will come on the user’s mobile number.

According to UIDAI, Virtual ID will be fully used from June 1, 2018, and it will also be made mandatory. So UIDAI has urged people to make their own VID. Now let us know how you can generate your VID.

How To Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID?

You can generate it by visiting the UIDAI website. For this, you will have to enter the OTP received after entering the Aadhaar number and security question and after that, the option to generate VID will come. After clicking on it, the VID will come on your mobile number and it is valid for only one day. That means you can get it daily if needed.

  • First of all, go to UIDAI’s site and open the VID Generation page by clicking on the Virtual ID (VID) Generator link.

 aadhar 16-digit virtual id

  • Now you have to first enter your Aadhaar Number, after that, you have to enter the Security Code (captcha) and then click on the Send OTP button.

difference between aadhaar id and aadhar virtual id

  • On clicking on the Send OTP button, an OTP will come on the registered (linked) mobile number from your Aadhaar Card, which you have to enter in the OTP field present on the right side.
  • After this, you have to select Generate VID and click on the submit button present below. 

how to generate vid

  • Upon clicking, this message will show in front of you “Congratulations! Your VID Number Successfully Generated and sent to your registered mobile.”
  • And it means your VID has been sent to your mobile.
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I hope you have liked this post and got to learn what is Aadhaar Card Virtual ID and how to generate Aadhaar Virtual ID. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post then comment below and share this post with your friends. Don’t forget to bookmark our website so that you can get to know about all the latest updates. Keep visiting Janta Yojana for more useful guides.

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