Accused Ramniwas Sharma said in the absconding statement, the victim was humiliated three times

Publish Date: | Thu, 23 Jun 2022 10:40 PM (IST)

Gwalior. New Zealand Representative. The woman, who was raped by the owner of Hotel Ramaya, Ram Niwas Sharma and his servant Amit Mishra, on the pretext of getting a job, has said in her statement – ​​she was subjected to cruelty three times. By locking him in the room, first the servant Amit then committed atrocities by the hotel operator Ramniwas Sharma. After this Ram Niwas ran away and the servant again did the wrong thing with him. She kept crying, pleading, hotel operator Ram Niwas and his servant Amit kept doing wrong things by threatening to kill them. The statement of the victim was made before the court under section 164, in which she gave information about the whole incident. On the other hand, Ram Niwas, accused of gang rape, has absconded. The police raided his house, hotel and relatives’ house in the night but he did not come. Now SSP Amit Sanghi says – There is a preparation to declare a reward on him, soon the reward will be declared on his arrest. On the other hand, ADG of Gwalior Zone D.Srinivas Verma from SSP Amit Sanghi also gave complete information about the incident as well as directed to arrest the accused soon.

ASP Mrigakhi Deka said that teams are constantly engaged in the search of rape accused Ramniwas Sharma. He will be arrested soon. His close friends are also being monitored.

Victim’s ordeal…

– I live on rent in Baragaon area, originally from Bhind. My husband lives with me, the financial condition of the house is not good, so I was looking for work. Ramnath Pathak brother lives near the house, I told him – get me some work. I will do broom-wiping and maintenance work, which will give 4-5 thousand rupees and will help in running the house. On Wednesday, I got a call from Ramnath Bhaisaheb, he said- Ram Niwas Sharma, owner of Hotel Ramaya and crusher operator, is an acquaintance of mine. Keep doing the cleaning and maintenance work in his hotel, let me introduce him, he will hire him. He asked me to come in front of the SP bungalow on Gandhi Road. When I reached there, Ramnath Bhaisaheb came. After a while at 12.47, Ram Niwas came in his white colored Bolero. Ram Niwas told me I will show the office and Ramnath Bhaisaheb went to his house. Before going to Ram Niwas’s house, I refused and said that I do not believe, I will give a job. He was driving himself. He reached me at house number 59 in Balwant Nagar, this house was near Voltas Service Center. Brought me here and said – this is Amit Mishra’s room, it is his special. Ramnivas opened the door, took me inside. Amit Mishra put the lock on the door from inside. When I asked to go out, he started threatening, both of them said – do as we say, otherwise we will kill you. Amit Mishra did cruelty with me first, then Ram Niwas Sharma did wrong with me. Ramniwas ran away leaving the room, after which Amit again did the wrong thing with me. When he went to the bathroom, I ran away. When I ran away, both of them kept getting calls to me continuously, threatening on the phone that if I told anything to anyone, I would kill them.

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– As the victim told the woman police officer while making the FIR

Accused servant sent to jail: Hotel operator Ram Niwas Sharma’s servant Amit Mishra was arrested by the police on Wednesday itself. CSP University Ratnesh Singh Tomar told that the accused was arrested and presented in the court on Thursday. From there he was sent to jail. The servant, along with Ramniwas Sharma, has admitted to raping the woman.


Continuous raids are being conducted in search of Ram Niwas Sharma, the operator of Hotel Ramaya. There is also a preparation to announce a reward on it.

Amit Sanghi, SSP, Gwalior

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