Action against accounts spreading hatred and propaganda on social media, dozens of accounts blocked – indian Govt blocks twitter accounts, removes videos indulging in propoganda and harassing women NTC

Story Highlights

  • Fake video of cabinet meeting played
  • Trying to spread hatred through Bully bye app
  • Women were being targeted

The Government of India has taken major action on social media accounts spreading hatred and propaganda on social media. On Saturday, the Information Technology Ministry blocked 78 such accounts on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

The Government of India was receiving frequent complaints against such handles. These handles, accounts and channels were spreading hatred in the country and spreading their propaganda.

According to ministry sources, 73 Twitter accounts have been suspended. 4 YouTube accounts have been removed permanently and one Instagram account has also been removed.

Let us tell you that in the last one week many videos which were circulating. The most recent of these is a fake video in which the cabinet briefing was shown by inserting audio from above, all these accounts have been suspended and many other accounts have also been detected.

Apart from this, action has also been taken against those handles which were targeting women from majority community like Sully Deal and Bulli Bai App. The ministry has asked YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Telegram to ensure that action is taken against such accounts with immediate effect.

Minister of State for Information Technology Rajiv Chandrashekhar said that the task force of the ministry is seriously working against such handles. Action has been taken against the handles through which hate was being spread on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

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