Actress Shubhangi Atre insists on speaking Hindi. Actress Shubhangi Atre insists on speaking Hindi

Digital Desk, Mumbai. On World Hindi Day, Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain actress Shubhangi Atre has urged Indian parents to teach Hindi to their children to communicate in daily life. World Hindi Day is observed every year on January 10, 1975. was held in Nagpur. Its main objective is to promote the use of Hindi language across the world.

He said, Hindi is my mother tongue and our national language is very important for us. But today it is disappointing to see that parents are focusing on teaching their children English instead of Hindi. Many people are used to using English. I am not against speaking English but we should not forget our values ​​and morals. Hindi should be our priority.

The actress further expresses her concern about how Hindi as a language is not being noticed. She further added, Hindi is definitely the home language of us Indians. Hindi is a very beautiful language. Now, though learning Hindi seems less fashionable, people are getting more fascinated by foreign languages ​​and forgetting the Hindi language. Shubhangi has acted in the shows Kasturi, Do Hans Ka Joda, Stories by Rabindranath Tagore. He further said, Hindi is the language that keeps us connected to our roots.


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