After reaching London, Saif Ali Khan did such a thing Kareena Kapoor had to ask, ‘Is this you Mr Khan?’ – Saif Ali Khan Kareena Kapoor London Trip Taimur Karisma Kapoor Bollywood celebs tmov

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    Saif’s bad condition in London! Saif Ali Khan’s unseen style

After getting free from the shooting of Sujoy Ghosh’s ‘Devotion of Suspect X’, Kareena Kapoor has directly reached London. After reaching London, Bebo is fully enjoying the beauty of there. Not only this, Kareena is also giving moment-to-moment updates to the fans from there. Now she has shared a photo of her husband Saif Ali Khan from London, which is not sure if Saif can do the same.

Kareena shared Saif’s photo
There are many notions in the mind of the common man regarding celebs. Like they would not be doing street shopping like us or would not have gone to get vegetables with a bag. But in reality it is not so. After all, celebs are not only humans. Like you and us, they too can lead a normal life. Like these days Saif is seen performing the duty of perfect husband.

Saif Ali Khan

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Kareena, who shares every small and big thing in life on social media, has shared an unseen form of Saif. In the photo, Saif, dressed in a blue T-shirt and track pants, was seen holding a shopping bag on the streets of London. Saif has a bag hanging on his shoulder. At the same time, the second bag is held in his hand. Seeing the picture at first sight, it is difficult to believe that Saif must have been doing all these things too.

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Hum Kya Kareena has also not understood this avatar of Saif Ali. That’s why while posting Saif’s photo on Insta Story, he asked ‘Is this you Mr Khan’? Really, the way Saif is carrying a shopping bag on his shoulders. Looking at her, it seems that she is a caring husband. Seeing Saif Ali Khan hanging the bag, the rest of the husbands of India must have got some relief. Apart from this, they must have also understood that if the wife has to be made happy, then all these things will have to be done, sir.

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