Ahmedabad: Police is calling those who do not take second dose of vaccine, Municipal Corporation has handed over the list – Ahmedabad Police will call those who do not take second dose of CORONA vaccine NTC

Story Highlights

  • Corona cases increasing rapidly in Ahmedabad
  • Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation handed over the list of those who did not take the vaccine

Corona cases are increasing rapidly in Gujarat. These cases are doubling everyday in Ahmedabad alone. In such a situation, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has started a new campaign regarding the most important vaccine to avoid corona. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has submitted a list of such people to the police, who have not got the vaccine.

This list, sent by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation to the police, contains the names, addresses and mobile numbers of the people. The police will call such people, who have not administered a single dose of the vaccine, or have got one dose. The police will ask such people to get the vaccine.

According to the municipal corporation official, the municipal corporation has worked hard for the vaccination. Keep rewards too, mobiles are also given in gifts. Despite this, some people are not coming to the vaccination center to get the second dose of the vaccine. In such a situation, now he is being called through the police. Because of fear, he reaches the vaccination center to get his second vaccine dose.

At the same time, according to the police, the policemen of the same police station call the people of the area whose numbers are in this list. They are told by calling that the second dose of the vaccine has not been administered, then they should get it done. The police has started this campaign just a day back. But the effect of the call of the police is on the people. After the phone call, people are reaching the vaccination center.

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