AIIMS Covid Ward: Infected patients complain of fever more, 3-4 patients are being admitted every day – Exclusive report from inside covid omicron ward aiims jhajjar ntc

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  • ‘Aaj Tak’ team took stock of the situation of Kovid
  • Aaj Tak’s team reached ground zero

The third wave of Corona has knocked in the country. Cases infected with Delta and Omicron variants are also increasing continuously. The number of patients is gradually increasing in hospitals too. In such ‘Till today‘ The team directly reached Ground Zero to take stock of the situation and after reaching the Kovid ward of AIIMS (Jhajjar) inspected the ground reality there. Patients infected with Omicron and Delta variants are being treated here.

According to the doctors, the condition of the patient here is not as serious as the first and second wave, but still about three to four patients are being admitted every day. Sometimes even 10 patients were admitted in a day. In such a situation, a team of doctor nursing staff has also been prepared to treat all these patients, who are taking care of the patients day and night. Covid Care Manager Kamal said that everything from the diet chart of the patients to their help chart is being taken care of very closely.

Beds made on the lines of ventilator

Let us tell you that at present 50 beds have been made in the hospital, out of which patients have been admitted to about 32 beds. All these beds are equipped with all facilities. Each bed has been made on the lines of a ventilator. It has the facility of oxygen, monitoring system and everything necessary.

more complaints of fever

Senior resident doctor Khushboo, who is treating the patients, said that patients infected with Omicron are complaining of fever. However, none of the patients suffers much. But still we are keeping every patient under observation very closely for 24 hours.

separate ward for children

A separate isolation ward has also been made for children in the hospital. However, only one child has been admitted here, whose condition is still normal. The child’s father Jitendra told that now he is completely healthy, but earlier when he was brought here, he had a very high fever. Even after three to four days, the fever was not coming down. In such a situation, the doctor advised that his Kovid test should be done. As soon as the test result came positive, we brought him here to the hospital. Here the entire team of doctors took good care of him. Let us tell you that the child has not received a single dose of the vaccine. In such a situation, doctors say that although the immunity of children is very strong, but the vaccine always works as a protective shield.

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counseling of patients

After that ‘Till today‘ The team talked to those who got infected with Corona in the third wave and their treatment is going on in the hospital here. One of these patients, Meena is now completely fine and she is going to be discharged from the hospital a day later. But under this, Meena shared her experience and told that she was having a lot of trouble in the beginning. At first he got fever and after that he started having severe headache. After 2 days there was no improvement in the condition, he was admitted to the hospital. Patient Meena says that the doctor in the hospital took care of us by counseling us not only physically but also mentally. You will be surprised to know that Meena has taken both doses of the vaccine, yet she got infected with corona.

difficult times for doctors

After the first and second wave, we are seeing that now in the third wave, doctors are also getting affected the most. In such a situation, this is the most difficult time for doctors, because after Delta, Omicron now spreads 10 times more infections. The doctor told that this is a very difficult time for him. All the doctors are treating the patients here, staying away from their families. If someone has a 2-year-old child at home, a 60-year-old at someone’s house and in such a situation, living with the family is putting their lives in danger, that’s why these doctors stay in isolation and then meet their family.

appeal to people

All the doctors say that now the number of patients in the hospital has started increasing again. The doctors appealed to the people and said that everyone should follow the rules of corona protocol and those who have not got the vaccine should get the vaccine immediately.

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