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    Soni Razdan got upset by tweeting and told Tata useless service

Not only the common man but also the celebs are troubled by the Tata connection. Why do you think that only you and I are troubled by their service and roam around? No, celebs are also troubled by the way they work like you. Recently, Alia’s mother Soni Razdan, upset with Tata Teleservices, tweeted and told how inefficient their service is. Soni told that she has been complaining to Tata for a long time.

Sony got into trouble with Tata
Soni Razdan tagged Tata Teleservices and tweeted. Soni wrote – ‘Tata’s landline service has gone into the gutter.’ He tweeted about the problem caused by the Tata service, “The phone was not working from 1st to 24th May. No one picks up your phone, it’s hard to complain. We finally mailed it on 10th May. Even though you have charged me for a whole month, I want to get rid of this problem!”

Soni Razdan made another tweet in which, Sony gave evidence of requests made to the company to unsubscribe. He shared screenshots of e-mails sent to him by the company stating that his dues were due. Soni also shared a screenshot of the email that he and his team sent to Tata Tele, requesting them to cancel the landline connection, forcing them to pay for it despite the telephone not working. was going. Sony said at the end of a mail, “Sorry, but I can’t use any of your services after this bad behavior”

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‘I won’t pay the bad phone bill’

In the same complaint series, Sony shared a screenshot in which the company had asked them to pay the outstanding bill. To which Soni wrote, ‘Please note that my phone is not working for a month and hence I am not paying this bill. If you as a company can’t be bothered to know when your phone was not working and dare to charge the customer for a non working phone then by all means please call my service Stop because I am fed up with your incompetence. Signing of Soni Bhatt can also be seen in the last.

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So far no response has come from Tata Teleservices on this post by Sony. At the same time, a user has also advised Sony to write a report under consumer law.

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