Amidst the growing threat of Omicron, CDC told which mask, how to apply it would be better. Know which mask will protect you?

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Corona cases are increasing continuously in the country. To avoid this, guidelines are issued from time to time. And it is often told that if you go out of the house, then leave only with a mask. But have you ever wondered whether the mask we are using is suitable to protect us from the infection of corona or the new variant of corona, Omicron. If you are still thinking the same, then know which mask is better to protect against corona infection.

How effective are cloth masks?
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention ie CDC, if you are also using cloth masks, then be careful. In new research regarding corona, it is being said that corona virus can infect a person wearing a cloth mask in 15 minutes. According to the CDC, if an infected person without a mask comes in contact with a person wearing a cloth mask, then that person can become infected with the corona virus in just 15 minutes. It has also been claimed that if both the persons are wearing cloth masks, it can take about 27 minutes to get infected.

surgical mask
According to the CDC, if both people are wearing surgical masks and one of them is an infected person, then it can take 30 minutes for the infection to spread. But it also said that if both the persons are wearing N95 masks then they can stay safe for 2.30 hours.

Will N95 Masks Save From Corona?
N95 masks are better than cloth and surgical masks to prevent corona infection. The reason for its more effective is the layer made in it. N95 masks have multiple layer filters. Its fitting is also better and there is less chance of leakage in it. For these reasons, up to 95 percent of contaminants can be avoided with an N95 mask.

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Health experts believe that when the corona spreads, a person with weak immunity is at greater risk. Because they inhale the aerosol produced by an infected person. These aerosols can spread rapidly in a closed space. But if you are using a high filtration mask like N95, then it helps in filtering the virus. With which you can keep people other than the infected person safe.

Which mask to use?
The best mask to prevent any virus is considered to be N95. New guidelines have been issued by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of America. On this it has been said that people above 2 years of age should not go to public places. Especially those people who have not got the corona vaccine. And if you go out of the house, then you must wear a mask.

Also, regarding the mask, the CDC has said that ‘if you are using a cloth mask, then wear a disposable mask under it. And reusable masks should be washed daily. Regarding disposable masks, it has been said that once used, they should be thrown away.

In a research, it has been said about masks that N95 masks are 7 times more effective than cloth masks and 5 times more effective than surgical masks. It has also been said that using N95 masks for a long time also causes many problems.

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