Andhra Pradesh: Mother molested in front of son in Guntur, husband thrashed badly for protesting – Mother molested in front of son in Guntur husband thrashed badly for protesting Andhra Pradesh ntc

Story Highlights

  • Gang committed more than 30 rape incidents
  • Police caught 6 accused of gang
  • Gang rape incident happened 4 months ago

Gang rape incident happened 4 months ago in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. Here the wife was tortured in front of the husband. The woman’s son was also there during the incident. The husband kept pleading but the poor did not listen. The son kept pleading to leave his mother, but it did not make any difference to the accused. After the incident, the police registered a case. After 4 months of investigation, the police have arrested the accused.

According to the police, it was a gang. Who was carrying out such audacious incidents in the entire state. Not only this, this gang had carried out more than 30 rape incidents. Also, for the past few days, the gang members living in Guntur district had kept the police sleepy due to the serial incidents of robbery.

In September, the gang attacked a couple from Sattanapalli on Paladugu side road under Medikondur police station area of ​​Guntur. The accused first beat up the husband fiercely. Then gang-raped his wife. Not only this, the accused also targeted two more couples.

Guntur district police said that the gang members had crossed all limits of cruelty. This gang stopped a family returning home on a bike and beat them up badly. In front of the child, he committed cruelty with his mother. When the husband stopped, he also beat her badly.

After receiving the complaint of the incident, the police investigated and on the basis of fingerprints, the gang member was identified as a resident of Panyam area of ​​Kurnool district. When the police reached them, it came to the fore that these people used to make excuses to work in the fields.

Guntur Rural SP Vishal Gunni said that the police have arrested 6 accused. At present, 2 accused are absconding. The accused have confessed to committing more than 30 rapes and dacoities in the state.

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