Anti-Terrorism Day will be celebrated every year on 21st May. Anti-Terrorism Day will be celebrated every year on 21st May

Digital Desk, New Delhi. The Government of India is now going to start a new initiative to deal with terrorism. The Ministry of Home Affairs has been written to the Chief Secretaries of all the States and Union Territories, Secretaries of all Ministries and Departments to observe May 21 as Terrorist Day.

The ministry has said in its letter that many schemes are being operated by the central government to root out terrorism. The Center said in its letter that the purpose of this day is to tell the youth how a mistake can become a national problem. Terror can be destroyed from the root only when the youth walk on the right path of life. Then terrorism will automatically end. The Home Ministry has asked the youth of the country not to indulge in terrorism and violence.

The oath can be administered in central government offices only on May 20, the reason behind this is that May 21 is a holiday as it is a Saturday. However, in state government offices or where Saturday is not a holiday, the oath will be administered only on May 21. On this day, Anti-Terrorism Pledge will be administered in all offices, public areas. Anti-terrorism messages are also being circulated on social and digital media sites.

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