Anupama Upcoming Twist: Vanraj will fall in love for the third time, Anuj will get angry, audience will see full drama – anupama spoiler malvika and vanraj closeness get anuj angry tmov

Story Highlights

  • Malvika fed Vanraj with her own hands
  • Anuj will get angry on Vanraj
  • Anupama will be upset seeing the fight

Now the story has turned in Anupama show. Vanraj did a lot wrong with Anupama in the past but now her goodness is visible in the show. But somewhere in between, Anupama keeps having doubts on Vanraj. Ever since Malvika became Vanraj’s business partner, brother Anuj’s insecurity seems to be increasing. Anuj believes that human nature can never change. Although Anupama keeps on explaining to them, Anuj has always been worried about Malvika and Vanraj’s friendship.

Vanraj and Malvika are coming closer to each other

In the last many episodes, we have seen that Vanraj keeps his point in front of Malvika, but in the end it is Malvika’s moving. There is a very close friendship between the two. Recently, Kavya had also seen both of them embracing in the kitchen, on which she was also furious, but Vanraj and Malvika had made it clear that there is nothing like this. And now in the upcoming episodes, Malavika and Vanraj’s friendship will be shown moving closer.

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Malvika fed food to Vanraj

In the upcoming episode of Anupama, it will be shown that as soon as Anupama and Anuj reach the office, they are shocked to see Vanraj and Malvika very close to each other. In which Malvika is smiling and feeding Vanraj with her own hands. And cleans the food that falls on their mouth with her own hands. Anuj gets furious at Vanraj regarding business and tells Vanraj that he does not know how to work, on which Vanraj tells Anuj to shut up, on hearing this Anuj also tells Vanraj to leave the cabin while shutting down. give.

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Will Anupama have to choose any one

From the very beginning, Vanraj was troubled by the fact that Anuj is a better business man than him. And Vanraj was determined to become a big man. But now after hearing the truth from Anuj, Vanraj’s anger is going to be on the seventh sky, in which Anupama can be seen again.

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