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  • Family got emotional seeing Karan crying in Bigg Boss
  • It hurts to see my son like this

After the departure of Umar Riaz from Bigg Boss 15, there was a moment in Karan Kundra’s life, where he was seen crying and remembering his family. Even Karan has said that no matter what happens, in the end, the family supports.

parents are broken
Aaj has an exclusive conversation with Karan’s family. Karan’s sister Meenu Kundra says, Karan has rightly said that the family will always stand by him. It hurts to see her crying. We have never seen him like this, since then everyone is upset, especially the parents are very broken.

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Umar’s friendship has given Karan strength

On the bonding of Umar and Karan, Meenu says, “Karan has always been a loyal friend, who cares more than the lives of his friends.” Her bonding with Umar has given emotional strength, due to which she has looked quite balanced in the show as well. In such a situation, Omar’s departure can really break Karan emotionally. I care about him.

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Even if people harass you, spare them

For Karan, his sister says, we are proud of Karan. He is playing with full honesty and integrity and is spreading happiness in the house. We see that he is frustrated with some people. Even if such people provocate you a hundred times, be generous with them. We respect your every decision. Be the way you are. Talking about Karan’s victory, he has already won the hearts of the people. The purpose for which Karan had entered has been fulfilled, so whether he gets the trophy or not, it does not matter.

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