Bihar: When the child was bitten, the snake itself died in agony, the innocent is well healed – Bihar gopalganj Snake dies biting child doctor told reason behind this lcl

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    The child’s condition is fine after treatment in Gopalganj district of Bihar

Can the immunity of a child be such that he is bitten by a poisonous snake and the snake itself dies. But this has happened in Gopalganj, Bihar. A four-year-old child was bitten by a snake of wheat species, after which the snake died. After the incident, a crowd of people gathered to see the child. This case is of Khajuri East Tola of Kuchaykot police station. A four-year-old boy had come to his maternal uncle’s house. During this, he was bitten by a snake. When the child’s grandmother saw the snake, she immediately informed the people about it, but after that the snake died after going some distance.

The child’s mother told about this that the child was playing when the snake bit him. Many other people were also present there. When the child came crying after the snake bite, he could not understand what had happened at first. After this, everyone’s senses were blown away after listening to the child. As soon as his maternal uncle went out and saw, a poisonous snake was lying dead there. Seeing this, no one could believe how the snake died after all.

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The child’s maternal uncle says that after the information about the snake bite, he went and saw that he was dead in agony. No one has killed the snake. We locked him in the box. The child was treated by the doctor, now he is fine. Neighbors reached to see the child. Local doctor Manmohan said that there is an immunity inside every human being, which is of different types. The immunity inside the child will be hard, which can lead to the death of the snake. Although there are many discussions about the incident, but no one is officially confirming it.

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