Bilasa Airport Bilaspur Assembly reached the issue of Bilasa Airport land acquisition

Publish Date: | Tue, 08 Mar 2022 02:08 PM (IST)

Bilaspur. Bilasa Airport Bilaspur: The matter of upgrading Bilasa Airport to Four C category has reached the assembly. Former minister Brijmohan Aggarwal has asked for information while raising questions in the assembly that what are the problems now due to which the airport is not being upgraded in the Four C category. On Wednesday, his question will be answered in the assembly.

There is a continuous movement by the Hawai Sewa Sangharsh Samiti to demand the upgrade of Bilasa airport to the Four Sea category and the facility of night landing. There has been a slight change in the nature of the Akhand Dharna demonstration. Now the movement is being run twice a week on Saturday and Sunday in the Dr. Raghavendra Rao Sabha Bhawan premises. On February 25, during the stay of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel in Bilaspur, the officials of the Sangharsh Samiti met and talked about demanding 200 acres of land from the army for the expansion of the airport.

On this, the Chief Minister had also informed to discuss with Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. The demand for returning 200 acres of land has also been made by the government by writing a letter to the military ministry. Former minister Brijmohan Aggarwal, while raising questions in the assembly, has sought information regarding the efforts being made at the government level for four C category and night landing facility apart from the land required for the expansion of Bilasa airport. On Wednesday, time has been sought to reply from the government on his question.

Army is in possession of land

For runway expansion at Bilasa airport, the airport management still needs 200 acres of land. Landing of larger aircraft would be possible only after the runway expansion. The process of upgrading Bilasa airport to the Four Sea category will start only after the runway expansion. Along with this, the facility of night landing will also be available. Due to the absence of night landing facility, the aircraft is not able to land in case of bad weather. So far, the flight of the aircraft has had to be postponed from Prayagraj more than half a dozen times. The plane had to land at Jabalpur airport instead of Bilasa airport.

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