BJP MLA Raja Singh : What happened in Maharashtra will happen in Telangana.. KCR.. stop if you dare : Raja Singh challenge

bjp mla rajasingh challenges cm kcr : BJP MLA Rajasingh challenged CM KCR. Rajasingh challenged KCR that what happened in Maharashtra will also happen in Telangana. They demanded that the TRS government elected by the people should answer what they did to the people. He complained that CM KCR is afraid of Prime Minister Modi and that’s why if he comes to Telangana, KCR will arrange some work and run away. They demanded that the TRS government should tell what the flood relief given by the central government to Telangana has been in two years. He accused them of asking for flood relief funds only to distribute them to TRS workers. Rajasingh said that there is a lot of dissatisfaction in the RS party… Ministers and MLAs do not believe that they will keep their posts. He said that there is a situation where they will leave the party at any moment.

Not only when the time comes, Rajasingh will create time and attack the TRS government.. CM KCR and Minister KTR. In this program, he once again criticized the TRS government. Recently, BJP leaders have been making comments saying that the TRS government is certain to collapse in Telangana just like the Maha Vikas Aghadi coalition government was overthrown in Maharashtra. As part of this, BJP MLA Rajasingh commented that Maharashtra politics will be seen in Telangana once again.

It is known that the Maha Vikas Aghadi coalition government in Maharashtra was overthrown and the BJC leadership formed a new government with Shiv Sena rebel MLAs. BJP toppled CM Uddhav’s government amid many dramatic developments. With the help of Shiv Sena MLAs and Independent MLAs with camp politics, Shiv Sena appointed rebel leader Ek Nath Shinde as CM and former CM Fadnavis as Deputy CM. BJP MLA Rajasingh threw a challenge saying that such situations will also happen in Telangana and the collapse of the TRS government is certain.

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