Booster Dose: The third dose of corona vaccine will be taken from today, know the answer to every question – corona vaccine booster dose india rules guidelines all you need to know ntc

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  • 62 percent people in the country have received both doses of the vaccine
  • Health care and front line workers will get booster dose

The danger of corona is increasing continuously in the country. There is a tremendous increase in cases in the third wave. In such a situation, now preparations have been made to give booster dose or precaution dose. From today, health care workers and 60+ who have any comorbidity will be given the third dose of the vaccine. But there are also many questions regarding this booster dose, such as which vaccine will be applied? Will the registration have to be done again or not? After how long can I take a booster dose? Let us know the answers to all such questions.

Which vaccine will be given?

The Government of India has made it clear that those who are going to get a booster dose, they will be given the same vaccine, for which they have received the first two doses. Meaning, if you have received both doses of the Kovishield vaccine, then the booster is also going to be of Kovishield.

Will registration have to be done?

Information has been given by the Ministry of Health that people who have got booster dose or precaution dose will not need to get re-registration done. They are going to have two options. The first is that they can make an appointment on the Cowin app. Now a separate feature has also been added on the app regarding the third dose, so an appointment can be taken easily. Another option is that you can get vaccinated directly by going to the vaccination center. There will also not be a need for re-registration.

After how long can a booster dose be taken?

If you have received the second dose of corona vaccine 9 months ago, then you can apply for the third dose. If it has been less than 9 months, then the booster dose will not be given yet.

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Do I have to show any certificate at the vaccination center?

If you are 60 plus and you are also suffering from other diseases, then you will get the vaccine without any registration or certificate. But the Ministry of Health has definitely said that the doctor can be consulted before taking the third dose. It is important to know here that the certificate means any prescription or prescription from the doctor, which will not be needed during vaccination.

Will I get a vaccine certificate after booster dose?

Yes, if you have received the third dose of the vaccine, as usual a certificate will be given to you on the registered mobile phone. In it, other important information will be present from the date.

Can a family of health care workers also get a booster?

No, only those frontline and health care workers will be given booster or precaution doses who are actively performing their duty in hospitals or outside during the corona period. For information, let us tell you that health workers, policemen and other government employees are included inside the frontline workers.

What are the papers to be carried to the vaccination center?

If you are going to get a booster dose, then you must carry any one of the identity cards with you like Voter ID card, Aadhar card, PAN card, Driving license. Based on that, you will be given a booster dose of the vaccine.

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