Breach in PM’s security in Punjab, know what the SPG Act says? – PM security breach triggers political slugfest Here is what the SPG Act says ntc

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  • It is mandatory for the states to assist the SPG
  • SPG remains under the control of the central government

After the lapse in the security of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Punjab, the central government has accused the state’s government of Charanjit Singh Channi of leaking information about the PM’s route. Actually, on January 5, PM Modi’s convoy was stopped by the protesters for 15 to 20 minutes. After this the SPG had strengthened their security cordon. Then the PM was taken to Bathinda Airport, from there to Delhi. Let us tell you when SPG came into existence and what is SPG Act.

The squad engaged in the security of the Prime Minister is called Special Protection Group or SPG. It is described as an “armed force” in the SPG Act. The SPG Act came into existence in 1988. It functions under the Cabinet Secretariat. This Act has provisions to provide security to the Prime Minister of India and former Prime Ministers of India.

The Prime Minister or former Prime Ministers are protected from the front while traveling by road, rail, aircraft, ship or on foot or by any other means of transport. The security guard is in more than one layer. This includes teams like round teams, isolation cordons. For example, on January 5, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached a political program in Punjab. PM’s helicopter could not fly due to bad weather. After this the route was changed and the PM came out via road. According to the SPG Act, the ring round team, isolation cordon and access control team were present with the PM.

SPG is under the control of the central government
According to the SPG Act, the SPG will be under the control of the central government. As per the rules of the Act, the SPG will be headed by an officer to be appointed by the Central Government.

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It is mandatory for the states to assist the SPG
It has also been said in the Act that the state governments will assist the SPG if required. It has also been said that it shall be the duty of every Ministry, Department, local or other authority or citizen of the Central Government or State Government or Union Territory to assist the SPG.

According to the website of the SPG, which works closely with the state government, SPG officers are of high leadership qualities. Along with this, they also lead their security near and in front of the PM. The SPG adopts new methods in the security system not only through itself but also in collaboration with the Intelligence Bureau and the state or union territory police.

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