Bulli Bai App: Accused Neeraj used to plant information through different Twitter handles – Bulli bai app Revealed Main accused Neeraj Bishnoi Information Plant Police Crime ntc

Story Highlights

  • Top officers are interrogating the vicious Neeraj
  • Now many revelations are expected in the interrogation

The main accused Neeraj Bishnoi, who created the Bulli Bai App, is in the custody of the IFSO unit of the Special Cell for 7 days. During the interrogation, Neeraj has made many important revelations. He told that he had created a Twitter handle during the Sully Deals case, through which he used to plant information related to the maker of Sully Deals.

During interrogation, it was found that Neeraj used to run a Twitter handle by the name @giyu007. Neeraj had also tried to talk to the investigating agency and understand the investigation by creating a fake profile of a girl, posing as a news reporter. After this, it was through this account that he came in contact with many news reporters and also tried to plant wrong information.

IFSO Unit’s DCP KPS ​​Malhotra and ACP Raman Lamba are interrogating the vicious Neeraj Bishnoi, during the interrogation it was also revealed that he had created several Twitter handles under the name giyu. Whom it used as a gaming character.

Neeraj’s Twitter handles were- @giyu2002, @giyu007, @giyuu84, @giyu94, @giyu44 which he used frequently.

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Along with this, from the account @giyu2002, he had also made obscene comments on the photo of a complainant and tweeted his photo for the auction. After this, an FIR was also registered in Kishangarh of South West District. In which this Twitter handle was also mentioned.

Apart from this, Neeraj had raised questions on the arrest of Mumbai Police especially on 3 January 2022 with the Twitter handle named @giyu44. That vicious had created this Twitter handle only to challenge the investigating agency. Through this, he was telling himself a citizen of Nepal. He was posting in such a way that Github informed a news portal about his being in Nepal.

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Now he will be in police custody for the next 6 days. where he will be interrogated. The police expect that many shocking revelations can be made in the interrogation of Neeraj.

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