Bulli Bai Case: Mumbai Police was very close to Neeraj Bishnoi, but Delhi Police won – Bulli bai App Main accused Neeraj Bishnoi Arrest Operation Delhi Police Success Mumbai Police Crime ntc

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  • Case was registered on the complaint of female journalist
  • Delhi Police had sought information about the app from Github

Neeraj Bishnoi, the main conspirator of Bulli Bai case, was arrested by Delhi Police from Assam. Earlier, Mumbai Police had arrested three people including a girl in this case. But when it came to catching the mastermind Neeraj Bishnoi, the Delhi Police won. According to the information, the Mumbai Police team was just an hour away from Neeraj Bishnoi at the time of arrest.

As soon as the matter of bidding by putting pictures of Muslim women on the Bulli Bai app came to the fore, people erupted. In this case, after receiving the complaint, the Delhi Police first registered an FIR in the Cyber ​​Police Station of South East Delhi. Then it was transferred to IFSC for investigation.

Delhi Police was just talking about investigation in this case that Mumbai Police arrested three people including Shweta from Uttarakhand and Vishal Kumar from Bengaluru in this case. After this, questions started arising on Delhi Police. Not only in the Bulli Bai case, but also in the Sully Deal case of 5 months ago, the Delhi Police came under siege. However, the reason for the delay in action was told by the Delhi Police for not getting information from GitHub. The Sully Deal app was also built on the Github platform itself.

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On Thursday morning, Delhi Police arrested Neeraj Bishnoi, an engineering student from Jorhat, Assam, in the Bulli Bai case. Who has been described as the main conspirator of this whole case. Police said that with the arrest of 21-year-old Neeraj Bishnoi, the Bulli Bai case has been solved. This is the fourth arrest overall in the Bulli Bai case, out of which 3 accused have been arrested by the Mumbai Police. Delhi Police is categorically refusing to talk about any action of Mumbai Police in this matter. Police say that they have a case registered with them, on which they have taken action.

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Police of 2 states, one case
Bulli Bai App is not the first such case, when Delhi Police and Mumbai Police have come face to face. Such cases have come to the fore even before this. About 4 months ago, Delhi Police, while investigating the case of a Terror Module, arrested a man named Jan Mohammad from a moving train near Kota. He was told to be linked to the terrorist module and D Company. Jan Mohammad was coming to Delhi from Mumbai at that time. Expressing surprise on this matter, the Mumbai Police had said that he was constantly keeping a watch on Jaan Mohammad and no recovery was made from him. Jan Mohammad lived in Dharavi, Mumbai.

Before this, even in the spot-fixing case, there was a rift between the police of both the states. Delhi Police had made several arrests in the spot-fixing case. In which Sreesanth was also involved. Delhi Police had arrested Sreesanth from Mumbai. Two days after Sreesanth’s arrest, Mumbai Police raided the hotel from where Sreesanth was caught. Sreesanth’s iPad, laptop and a diary were confiscated by the Mumbai Police during a raid at the hotel. When Delhi Police asked for information about this stuff from Mumbai Police, their answer was that Delhi Police should place its demand through the court.

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A police officer told us that this is not a matter between the police of any two states. All this happens in any state also between two different police teams. Every police team wants that if a case is given to it, then it should arrest the accused in the case as soon as possible and do it first. There is no dispute in this.

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