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In the Bulli Bai App case, four accused including the mastermind have been caught by the law. In this entire case, the Crime Branch of Mumbai Police and Delhi Police took action at their own level. Mumbai Police caught three accused and Delhi Police got the mastermind of this whole shameful game, Neeraj. Let us tell you sequentially what action has been taken in this case till now and how the accused came under the clutches of law.

What is Bulli Bai App
An app named Bulli Bai has been created. Muslim women were targeted on that app. Hate was spread against him. Dirty things were written. Actually this app is made in the same way as Sulli Deals was created a few days ago. Sulli deal was launched on Github, now Bulli Bai has also been launched on GitHub.

Targeted Muslim women
Bulli Bai app targeted 100 Muslim women who have a strong presence on Twitter and Facebook. These victims include well-known women working in other fields including media. These women have complained that their names and photos are being used on that substandard app and platform. Many people expressed their displeasure on social media over the handiwork of this app.

Case registered on complaint of female journalist
Giving information in the Bulli Bai App case, Additional Commissioner of Delhi Police, Chinmay Biswas said that on the evening of January 1, a case was registered in this regard at the Cyber ​​Police Station of South East District on the complaint of a female journalist. Considering the seriousness of the matter, the matter was given to the cyber cell. After this, Delhi Police contacted the hosting platform of the app, Github. Asked for all the information about the app.

GitHub took action
Meanwhile, GitHub has taken action on the controversy surrounding the bully by app. GitHub said that the content and practices in this app that incite harassment, discrimination and violence are against its policies. The software developer says that as soon as the matter came to light, the account of the users in question was suspended. GitHub also assured cooperation to legal agencies in this matter.

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Mumbai Police also took cognizance
100 Muslim women were targeted and their pictures were used on Bulli Bai app. They include women actresses, celebrities, journalists and social workers. The Mumbai Police also swung into action after the matter surfaced on social media and made headlines. Taking cognizance of this matter, the Mumbai Police started investigating the matter rapidly. The responsibility of investigation was given to the Mumbai Crime Branch.

Crime branch made three arrests
In this case, the crime branch of Mumbai Police first took action and arrested a girl named Shweta Singh from Udham Singh Nagar in Uttarakhand. Along with this, another team of Crime Branch raided Bangalore and from there arrested another accused named Vishal Kumar. And then the Mumbai Crime Branch also caught the third accused Mayank Rawal from Uttarakhand.

Mastermind caught by Delhi Police
When Mumbai Police looted applause by making three arrests one after the other in this case, the pressure on Delhi Police also increased. But Delhi Police was working according to its strategy. His target was the vicious one who made the Bulli Bai app. The police had got the clue. The team of Delhi Police raided Jorhat in Assam on the intervening night of Wednesday-Thursday. 5 hours of questioning and scrutiny. Neeraj Bishnoi, the mastermind of this whole conspiracy got caught by the police.

Also check on international angle
Even though Mumbai and Delhi Police were investigating this dreadful conspiracy separately, the points of investigation were similar. The police is investigating the international angle of the conspiracy hatched through this app. Because the link of Shweta Singh, who was caught from Uttarakhand, was being told with a person sitting in Nepal. It was from here that the suspicion of Nepal connection of this case also arose. Not only this, the police raided 6 states in search of suspected accused. In many cities, with the help of technical surveillance, clues of the accused were searched. Every information related to Bulli Bai app was searched on internet and social media.

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In this whole matter, the police got relief when Neeraj Bishnoi, the mastermind of this conspiracy was caught from Jorhat in Assam. Let us also tell you about the accused arrested in this case-

Neeraj Bishnoi – Main accused
21-year-old Neeraj Bishnoi was behind this entire conspiracy to make Bulli Bai App. Who has been arrested by Delhi Police. He was a second year student of B.Tech Computer Science at Vellore Institute of Technology, Bhopal. Which has now been suspended. His father Dashrath Bishnoi runs a shop in Jorhat itself. The father says that after getting good marks in high school, he got a laptop for free from the government. He used to spend most of his time on the laptop. For the last two years, he did not even talk to anyone. The Delhi Police team has named the vicious accused Neeraj Bishnoi as the main conspirator of this case and the creator of the app. He was arrested from Digambar Chowk area of ​​Jorhat city on Thursday morning. So far the investigation has revealed that Neeraj had become a fanatic from a young age. His social media accounts also confirm this.

Shweta Singh – accused
The second arrest in the Bulli Bai case was of Shweta Singh, who hails from Udham Singh Nagar in Uttarakhand. His age is 18 years. He had passed 12th sometime back. His mother had died many years ago. And a few months ago the father also passed away due to Corona. The family now has only 3 sisters and a 10 year old younger brother. Shweta’s sisters say that she neither meant anything to anyone nor did she get involved in any wrongdoing. She had found a boy on social media, on whose behest she had created an account. His sisters say that they live in a rented house. They have none. The money they get under the government’s Vatsalya scheme. That’s how they make a living. After Shweta’s arrest, the landlord has asked her to vacate the house.

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Vishal Kumar – accused
The first arrest in the Bulli Bai app case was from Bangalore. The name of the arrested accused is Vishal Kumar. He is an engineering student of 21 years. Vishal was involved in this conspiracy along with accused Shweta. It was Vishal who revealed Shweta’s name. Both Shweta and Vishal Kumar already know each other. According to the police, they are friends on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It was Vishal who told the police about Shweta. Easily the link between the two was also confirmed in the investigation. Vishal Kumar had opened an account in the name of Khalsa Supremacist. So that people have a misunderstanding and they take away the meaning from Khalsa that there is a Sikh person behind this conspiracy. Accused Vishal is on the remand of Mumbai Crime Branch till January 10.

Mayank Rawal – accused
In the Bulli bai app case, the Mumbai Crime Branch also made a third arrest from Uttarakhand and arrested Mayank Rawal. Rawal is also a student and his age is 21 years. Police believe that his connection may be with Shweta Singh and Vishal Kumar. Police is interrogating Mayank Rawal by taking him into custody.

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