By supporting the growing popularity of the film, hackers are cleaning the account, be careful. By supporting the growing popularity of the Kashmir files, hackers are clearing the account, be careful

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Vivek Agnihotri’s film ‘The Kashmir Files’, narrating the story of the massacre of Kashmiri Pandits in the 90s, remains a topic of discussion these days. While many people are seeing it by connecting it with politics, some politicians are calling it propaganda. While political parties are shaking hands on this, some anti-social elements on the web are cleaning people’s bank accounts with this.

Since the film came into the limelight, its popularity has increased tremendously and everyone wants to watch it, so cyber criminals have also found a way to cheat smartphone users by using the name of the film.

Noida Additional DCP Rannvijay Singh has warned mobile users about WhatsApp fraud related to the movie ‘The Kashmir Files’. He has appealed to the users not to click on any link received on WhatsApp till they know about the authenticity of the film.

According to Singh, some complaints related to fraud have been registered in the capital Delhi. In a statement to The Times of India, he said, “The film has recently released and has garnered a lot of headlines. Taking advantage of the situation, cyber thugs have started sending links on WhatsApp to download the movie for free.

Once the person clicks on the link, hackers can access the data in the users’ phones and easily steal confidential items including bank account information.

How are users making their victims?

The fraudsters first send the link to users on WhatsApp, which claims that users can click on the link to download the movie ‘The Kashmir Files’ for free.

Once the user clicks on the link, a malware is injected into his smartphone, after which the hackers hack the user’s smartphone. The malware steals users’ banking details which are used by cybercriminals for fraudulent financial transactions.

Singh advised smartphone users not to click on links received from unknown sources on WhatsApp or any other social media platform. The additional DCP said there may be situations in which a phone user is not aware that their device has been hacked from a remote location, but they are concerned only when they learn that their bank accounts have been emptied. went.

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“In the last 24 hours, three people have filed similar complaints of cyber fraud, in which they have jointly suffered a loss of Rs 30 lakh,” the official said.

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