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  • No need to leave home unnecessarily in Delhi
  • Restaurants allowed only home delivery

Corona Omicron in Delhi: Restrictions have been increased in Delhi amid the rapidly increasing cases of Corona and Omicron. After the sudden increase in the cases of corona in Delhi, restrictions like lockdown have been imposed. Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) has issued its orders.

A word like lockdown has not been used for Delhi. But now the restrictions imposed here are similar to the lockdown. Private offices have been closed. Schools and colleges are already closed. Any kind of gathering is prohibited. Unnecessarily cannot leave the house.

1. Private office closed
– Now:
Orders have been given to keep all private offices closed in Delhi. The employees working in these will work from home. Only private offices related to essential services are allowed to open.

– before: Private offices were not completely closed in Delhi. They were allowed to open with 50 percent staff. 50 percent of the staff could work from home and 50 percent of the staff could work from the office.

2. Restaurant-bar also closed
– Now:
All restaurants and bars in the capital have been closed. The bar will be completely closed. The restaurant will be opened for home delivery only. Sitting here and eating food will not be allowed.

– before: All restaurants and bars were allowed to open with 50 percent capacity. According to the capacity here, 50 percent of the people could sit and eat food.

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Who will be relieved?

– Supreme Court, High Court, District Court judges, lawyers, staff will be exempted. People associated with the hearing of a case can leave the house. ID card is a must.

Officers or employees working in embassies can also come and go by showing ID cards.

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Private doctors, nursing staff, paramedical staff and people associated with health services can come and go. They must have a valid ID card.

Apart from pregnant women, they can go out to see a doctor or on a medical emergency. Along with this, it is necessary to have a doctor’s form and I card.

Can leave the house for corona examination and vaccination.

Passengers will be allowed to move from airport, bus stand and railway station. They should have tickets.

Journalists associated with electronic and print media will be exempted.

Even if there is an exam, you can leave the house with the admit card. People engaged in exam duty can also leave the house.

Only 20 guests are allowed to attend the wedding. To go to the wedding, it is necessary to have a marriage card.

What are the rules for metro and bus?

Metro and buses will run at full capacity. Passengers will not be able to travel standing in the metro. 100% passenger is allowed in DTC buses also. But even here passengers cannot travel standing.

Why was this restriction imposed in Delhi?

1. Corona Belgaum: On Monday, 19 thousand 166 new cases came in Delhi. 17 people also died. With this, the number of active cases in Delhi has crossed 65 thousand. The positivity rate in Delhi has also reached 25 percent. This means that the report of 1 out of every 4 people is coming positive after doing the test.

2. 70 deaths in 10 days: According to the data of the Health Department, 70 corona patients have died in 10 days of this month. On Sunday and Monday, 17-17 people died. Whereas, there were 54 deaths in the previous 5 months. 9 patients died in December, 7 in November, 4 in October, 5 in September and 29 in August. In July, 76 patients died.

3. Number of patients increased in hospitals: The number of corona patients admitted in Delhi hospitals is also increasing continuously. According to the Delhi government, 1912 corona patients are currently admitted in the hospital. Of these, 443 are in ICU, 503 are on oxygen support and 65 are on ventilator. A day before this, 1,618 corona patients were hospitalized.

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