Caught with Pakistani boats entering in Indian border plans will open in interrogation ntc

Story Highlights

  • Pakistani boat named Yasin caught
  • Pak citizens were entering in the dark of night

10 people of Pakistan arrested: The Indian Navy arrested 10 Pakistani people with their boats in the Arabian Sea last night. 10 crew had entered the Indian waters with a Pakistani boat, all have been arrested. According to the information, the name of Pakistani boat is Yasin. All the captured Pakistanis are being brought to Porbandar. The arrested people including the Pakistani boat will be further interrogated.

The Indian Coast Guard official said that the crew does not have any documents, they are being brought to Porbandar for further questioning. He told that the Pakistani boat had entered the Indian waters for about 6-7 miles. When the Coast Guard ship saw them, they asked to stop, but the Pakistanis started running away from the spot with a boat.

Indian Coast Guard Ship ICGS ‘Ankit’ has caught a Pakistani boat ‘Yasin’ during the operation. This action took place on Saturday night. Indian Coast Guard has recovered 2 tonnes of fish and 600 liters of fuel from those who have been caught. However, the arrested people are being brought to Porbandar to know what their intentions were. Further investigation will be done after the boat reaches Porbandar.

Let us inform that even before this, the Indian Coast Guard had caught a large consignment of drugs being smuggled to India by Pakistani boat and Pakistan. Many people were arrested in this. The son of Karachi’s elder businessman was also in the boat.

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