Center vs TMC on Oil Prices! Mamta said – Bengal is incurring crores of losses – petrol diesel fuel price cess Justice Ashim Roy to continue as Lokayukta Mamata Banerjee ntc

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    CM accuses the central government on oil prices, the center did not reduce the cess (CESS)

Politics has also started regarding the reduction in oil prices by the Center. The opposition parties have left no stone unturned to surround the Modi government at the Center with all the arguments. In this matter, Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has said that Bengal is giving a concession of Rs 2.80, but they (central government) are trying to show something else. Mamta said that the Center has not reduced the cess. They are taking the Cess. When the Center reduces the tax, a part of it goes to the state. Therefore, we are incurring a total revenue loss of 641.45 crores. On one hand we do not have money, on the other hand we are also facing natural calamities quite often.

Mamta said that also we already give a discount of Re 1 . Which is around Rs 500 crore. Which means that we are losing revenue of Rs 1141 crore. This simple calculation will not be shared by the Modi government at the Center with all of you.

Bengal CM said that before Modi government was formed, fuel prices had increased and when Modi government was formed, fuel prices in the international market came down. So when he needed to reduce the prices, he did not reduce it. Dictatorship is going on. There was no such low level of political interference during the Hitler and Mussolini eras. I love my country. The state government should be given autonomy so that they can run independently. Along with this, agencies should also be given autonomy.

Justice Ashim Roy will continue as Lokayukta in the state

Meanwhile, CM Mamta Banerjee said in a press conference held at a cabinet meeting on Monday that Justice Ashim Roy would continue to be the Lokayukta in the state. Apart from this, the Mamata government has recommended Justice (retired) Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya to be made the chairman of the West Bengal Human Rights Commission by the state government. At the same time, Justice Madhumita Moitra will be a member of the commission. Also, the state government has recommended the names of former Bengal DG Virendra and IAS Naveen Prakash for the post of Information Commissioner.

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Arjun Singh left BJP and joined TMC

On the other hand, Arjun Singh, MP from Barrackpore Lok Sabha seat in West Bengal and the most vocal face of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) against Mamta Banerjee, has finally returned home. Arjun Singh has severed ties with BJP. Arjun Singh has now joined Trinamool Congress. What is the political meaning of Arjun Singh leaving BJP and joining TMC, now the discussion has started about it.

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