How To Check Indian Bank Balance| Merge of Indian Bank and Allahabad Bank

how to check indian bank balance

Check Indian Bank Account Balance: If you are an account holder of Indian Bank which has merged with Allahabad Bank sometime back, then the biggest problem that is coming out is that people are not able to check their Indian Bank Balance. If you are also troubled by this problem, then in today’s article you are going to get its solution.

Because here you are going to know some ways through which you can check the balance of your Indian Bank account. In earlier times it used to happen that if you want to know your account balance then you had to go to a bank or use atm machine, but now it is not so, almost all banks have improved it.

how to check indian bank balance

And in this, Indian Bank has also made many options through which you can do Indian Bank account balance check online or offline sitting at home. How to do this? Well, we are going to tell you everything in detail below. Know how to check your account balance for Indian Bank here. 

How To Check Indian Bank Account Balance?

If you want to check the Indian Bank balance sitting at home, then the first thing you have to keep in mind is that your mobile no should be linked with the account. If the mobile number is not linked to the account, then first of all go to any nearest branch of the Indian bank and request to link the mobile no. Only then will you be able to check the Indian bank balance sitting at home.

how to check indian bank balance by phone number

Check Indian Bank Balance With Missed Call

A good feature of Indian Bank is that Indian Bank provides a missed call number to its account holders to view the account details.

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On which only a missed call has to be made from the registered mobile no and Indian bank account balance can be seen through SMS.

Indian Bank Balance Enquiry Number

Indian bank has been given a free number so that the account holders can easily check their balance. If the number is not responding, then the lines may be busy, try again after some time.

  • Toll-Free Helpline for Indian Bank Balance Check ” 08108781085 “

Use simple step Indian bank balance check no.

  • Missed call on 08108781085 from registered mobile no.
  • The call will be cut automatically as soon as one ring is finished.
  • In no time the balance will be seen through SMS.

Indian Bank Account Balance Check Through SMS

You can also use SMS to check the Indian Bank account balance. For this, you have to do some simple steps.

  • Write “BALAVL”<space>Account Number<space>MPIN from the mobile number registered in the bank and send it to 94443–94443.
  • After sending this SMS, a message will come from the Indian bank in which you will get to see the account balance.

Check Indian Bank Balance Through Allahabad Net Banking

In today’s time, every bank gives the option of Net Banking, through which many facilities like account balance, a mini statement can be seen in mobile or computer only.

So if you have not yet registered for net banking of Indian Bank then first of all go to the official website of Indian Bank and register for internet banking.

You can also watch the video on YouTube to understand how to do it. Once you have enabled Internet Banking, just log in to Indian Bank’s site by entering Username and Password and you can see Indian bank balance.

Indian Bank Account Balance Through Mobile Banking

There is also an official app of Indian Bank whose name is IndoASIS, you will get to see it very comfortably in the play store, then you install it and log in by entering your username and password.

Now if you go to the account balance section, you will get to see the bank balance.

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So mobile banking is also a very good way to check the account balance of Indian Bank.

Indian Bank Balance Through Aadhaar Card

Indian Bank account balance can also be seen from the Aadhaar card. For this, your Aadhar card should be linked with your Indian Bank account.

Now if you have a finger device then you can also check your bank balance from your Aadhaar card, for which use the Spice Money app which provides AEPS services absolutely free. But if there is no finger device, then whatever CSP center you have, you should go there and get the Indian Bank Balance checked.

Check Indian Bank Balance Through UPI Apps

UPI applications like Google Pay, Paytm, and Phone Pe are helpful when you want to send money and check account balances.

Google Pay

Checking Indian Bank Balance with Google Pay is even easier, you just have to download Google Pay Application from Google Play Store and sign up on Google Pay with the same mobile number which is registered with your Indian Bank.

After this, here you will have to do a little KYC in which you will add your bank account and will also add the rest of the information.

After that, you will get an option to view the account balance at the bottom, by clicking on which you will be able to see your Indian Bank balance very easily.

To register on Google Pay, you will need an Indian Bank ATM Card. You must have it, only then you will be able to register on the Google Pay app.


Like Google pay, Paytm is also a bill payment application, which is being used a lot in today’s time, almost everyone has it installed on their mobile.

To check Indian Bank Balance, create an account on Paytm from the same mobile no which is linked with your account.

In Paytm, you have to create a UPI PIN with the help of an ATM card, after which you can see the account balance very easily.

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So this is also a very good solution to know your account details like the bank balance. Along with checking your account balance from Paytm, you can make many other payments.

Phone Pe

To check your Indian Bank account details from Phone Pe, you have to sign up on phone pe and add your account details.

After this UPI has to be created through an Atm card but if you have created a UPI pin on Paytm or google pay, then there is no need to create a UPI pin again, you can use the same UPI everywhere, and can see your Indian Bank account balance.

These are some options to check Indian Bank Balance, through which you can check account balance.


Merge of banks with each other has now become a common thing because many banks are sinking now, which are left behind in recovering their invested money. Here are some of the frequently asked questions after the merger of Indian Bank and Allahabad Bank.

What is Indian Bank Customer Care Number?
Whenever you want to talk to Indian Bank’s Customer Care, then call +91-1800-4250-0000 on this number and know what you want to know related to your account.
What is the SMS number of Indian Bank?
To know anything through SMS in Indian Bank, you can massage from the registered mobile number on 94443-94443.
How to visit Indian Bank Official Website?
If you are getting confused about the official website of Indian Bank, then you can visit  here. This is the official site of the Indian Bank.


I hope now with the help of this post, you can easily check your account balance using different ways. Call or SMS anytime without any worries, and check the account details of your Indian Bank account sitting at home. If you have any doubts related to this post, then feel free to ask us in the comments. Keep visiting Janta Yojana to get more useful guides.

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