Corona: Alarm bell in Delhi – some relief in Mumbai, what signs are other states giving? – corona cases in india delhi mumbai bengal ground reality ntc

Story Highlights

  • Infection rate reached 25 percent in Delhi
  • Cases triple in one day in Himachal
  • 19 thousand infected even after less testing in Bengal

The third wave of Corona has knocked in the country. Cases are now running beyond one lakh every day. In many states too, fast cases have raised concern. But the biggest hotspots of Corona have become two metropolitan cities of the country- Delhi and Mumbai. For the last several days, the race is going on between Delhi and Mumbai.

Mumbai’s corona meter slowed down a bit

Now the defeat of Mumbai in this race for some time is being seen as a big relief. Cases in Mumbai seem to be decreasing continuously for the last two days. In the last 24 hours, 13648 cases of corona have been reported in Mumbai. Now this is considered to be a big decline compared to the previous days. The figures also show that for the last three consecutive days, the corona graph of Mumbai has gone down.

09 Jan -13648
08 Jan- 20318
07 Jan- 20971
06 Jan- 20181
05 Jan- 15166
04 Jan- 10860
03 Jan- 8082
02 Jan- 8063
01 Jan- 6347

Uncontrollable situation in Delhi

Now in such a situation, this downward trend of Mumbai can give relief. But this does not seem to be happening with Delhi. Cases have decreased a bit there too, but the infection rate has increased drastically. At present, the positivity rate of Delhi has reached 25 percent. Every fourth person who gets the test done is becoming a victim of corona. Talking about the last 24 hours, 19166 new cases of corona have been reported in the capital, while 17 people also lost their lives.

But it is being said about Delhi that by the end of January, the situation can be dire. Then corona can be at its peak in the capital and daily cases can touch 50 to 60 thousand. Now this prediction has been done by Kanpur’s Professor Manindra Agarwal on the basis of formula model. In such a situation, Delhi is yet to get relief from Corona and the next five days are considered to be the most important.

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corona blast in bengal

Now worry in Delhi, relief in Mumbai and Corona situation in West Bengal has become explosive. There the infection rate has broken all records. At present the positivity rate of Bengal is running at 37.32 percent. At the same time, 19, 286 cases of corona have been reported in the last 24 hours. Now it can be said for once that there have been fewer cases in Bengal than on Sunday. But the whole figures tell a different story.

In fact, 24,287 cases of corona were reported in Bengal on Sunday, but then a total of 71,664 people were tested for Kovid in the state. At the same time, when 19, 286 cases of corona were reported on Monday, only 51,675 tests were conducted in the state. In such a situation, the situation is looking worse than before.

If we go towards Karnataka, Corona has become unbridled there too. Within the last 24 hours, 11,698 cases of corona have been registered in Karnataka. Of these, 9,221 cases have been found in Bangalore only. The positivity rate in the state was recorded at 7.77% on Monday.

Himachal’s figures scared

Apart from these states, Himachal Pradesh has also gained momentum in the case of Corona. There cases have increased up to three times in a single day. According to the data, there were only 361 corona patients in Himachal on Sunday, which increased to 1,123 on Monday. The situation in Haryana has also started increasing concern. In Haryana, 5736 new cases of corona have come in 24 hours. Five people have also lost their lives. At this time active cases have become 22 thousand 477.

In such a situation, there has been a slight decline in corona cases in some states, but the peak is yet to come. Experts believe that the coming five days are going to be very important for the country. Especially in Delhi and Mumbai, Corona can reach its peak.

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