Corona explosion in BJP office during election season, staff-security personnel together 42 positive – bjp corona positive election meeting inside detail ntc

Story Highlights

  • Election meetings had started in BJP office
  • Corona test was done for the entire staff on Monday
  • BJP is looking for new ways for election campaign and brainstorming

Corona explosion has happened in BJP office. Together, the report of 42 people has come corona positive. Now the round of meetings was to start in the election season, in such a situation, everyone’s corona test was done yesterday by the party. Now when the test report came today, 42 people turned out to be corona positive.

Now in the last few days, many BJP veterans have become victims of Corona. From BJP President JP Nadda to Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, many names are included in this list. For now, election rallies are banned, but the infection is spreading rapidly. In this episode, the burglary of this dangerous virus has been seen inside the BJP office as well. It has been told that the infected persons include security personnel to other staff members.

No official statement has been issued by the party in this regard. There is also no clarity on when and in what manner the party will now conduct its election meetings. Rallies are already banned, many leaders have been infected, in such a situation a big challenge has arisen for BJP in the election season.

By the way, in Maharashtra too, there has been a tremendous impact of Corona on ministers and MLAs. Statistics show that so far 15 ministers and about 70 MLAs have turned out to be Corona positive in the Maharashtra government. In Delhi also, CM Kejriwal is a victim of corona infection, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has also fallen ill with the virus. In such a situation, the third wave of Corona has again increased the trouble of political parties manifold. The kind of burglary that has happened, many veterans are becoming victims of this virus.

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