Corona In Delhi: Death toll from Corona increased in Delhi, space decreased in ITO cemetery – Corona In Delhi there is no place for cemetery 57 lives lost in last 3 days ntc

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  • The in-charge of the crematorium said – there is no pressure on us
  • The in-charge of the cemetery said – there is no place for Kovid patients

The speed of corona is increasing in Delhi. In the first 11 days of January, so many corona patients have died that there is less space in the cemetery to bury the dead body.

In 11 days, 93 corona patients have died in Delhi. In the last three days, this speed has been faster, during which 57 patients of Corona have died. That is, in the last 3 days, about 20 patients have died every day. In Delhi, 21,259 cases of corona have been reported in Delhi in the last 24 hours.

Shamim Ahmed Khan, secretary of Jadid Cemetery Ahle Islam Delhi Gate, the largest graveyard from Delhi located at ITO, has said that now they are not burying the body of Kovid because there is no space here anymore. Shamim said that in the last two years, by leveling the old grave, space was opened for the whole of Delhi. At that time only dead bodies were being brought from different hospitals of Delhi and buried. He said that there is space for non-Kovid in the cemetery but there is no space left for Kovid.

Shamim says that now the government should allow the burial of Kovid dead bodies at some other place. Dead bodies are also buried in the Muslim cemetery spread over 2 acres in Mangolpuri in Delhi, Buland Masjid Muslim cemetery (1 acre) located in Shastri Park, Mulla Colony Muslim graveyard (2 and a half acres) near Kondli, but due to being the largest cemetery, the bodies are removed from hospitals. More bodies are brought here for burial.

On the other hand, Sumat Kumar, in-charge of Delhi’s largest cremation ground, Negum Bodh, said that even though the death toll has increased, there is no pressure on the crematoriums yet. Nevertheless, preparations are on at the crematoriums under the Kovid protocol and DDMA.

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