Corona In Delhi: Kovid is also targeting children in a big way, see the condition of the capital – Surge in Covid positive children with comorbidities in Delhi

Corona In Delhi: Kovid is targeting children on a large scale, see the condition of the capital

Corona cases are increasing rapidly in the country. Today 1,68,063 new cases of Kovid have been registered, while in the last 24 hours in the country, Corona has killed 277 people. In Delhi, 21,259 new corona cases have been reported in 24 hours. 23 corona infected have died in Delhi. In 24 hours 120 Mumbai Police personnel have been found corona infected. In the first and second wave of corona, there was not much effect on the children, but this time the third attack of corona is also on the children. In which daily new cases have increased the concern. The cases of children being corona positive in Delhi-NCR are increasing day by day. What is the full report.

The infection rate of corona in Delhi has become deadly. In the last 24 hours the capital has more than 21 thousand cases. Every fourth person who gets the Covid test is positive in Delhi. But the difference between the first, second and the third wave of corona is that it is more likely to attack children and teenagers. Every day 4 to 5 children are reported positive in Delhi’s Children’s Hospital. Watch the full news.

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