Corona is not as effective as before, according to experts, due to the weak grip on the lungs, the need for CT scan is also less. Corona is not as effective as before, according to experts,

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Seeing the ever-increasing figures of Corona cases, it is believed that the third wave has arrived in the country. But in the meantime a relief news has also come. In the third wave, most patients do not require a CT scan test. Experts say that in the last wave, 8 out of 10 patients were in need of a CT scan. At the same time, out of 10 patients, only one or two patients have to be tested. Also, doctors say that lung involvement is not being found in them too. Even if it is found in some patients, then lung involvement is being seen in a very mild form. Which the doctors are saying that it is a relief.

always be alert
According to a news of NBT, even though it is news of relief in the middle of the third wave. But, even after this, doctors are saying that do not take Corona and its new variant Omicron lightly. Because now the number of cases is increasing rapidly. Also, for people with already sick and weak immunity, it can prove to be not only dangerous but also fatal.
The doctor believes that even after knowing these aspects, our focus should be that we should follow the rules of Kovid and not go in the crowd nor let there be a crowd.

relief seen
According to NBT, Max Saket’s internal medicine and covid expert Dr Rommel Tikku said that a patient has been CT done today. This patient is above 60 years of age and who is also a patient of diabetes. The result which came in front of us after getting the patient CT done is a relief. Because the patient’s CT score is 7/25, which is mild.

Vaccine is effective
According to Dr Minal Choudhary, Head of Radiology Department, Aakash Hospital, more than 50 CT scans were being done every day in the last wave. But this time only three or four patients are being CT scanned daily. The doctor says that the truth is that there is no need for CT scan. This variant is seen to be very mild on CT scans of the patients being examined.

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Doctor Minal Chaudhary says that the main reason for the virus to have less effect on the patient is vaccination. So the effect is decreasing because most people are vaccinated. The doctor said that even after all these aspects, our focus should be to follow the Kovid behavior and not go in the crowd and do not allow the crowd.

less oxygen requirement

Dr. Sandeep Nayyar of Respiratory Department of BLAK Hospital while talking to NBT said that this time the admissions are decreasing as compared to the past. Most of the patients are recovering on OPD basis. The doctor said that most of the patients admitted to him are not getting pneumonia this time. The effect of infection on the lungs is decreasing. At the same time, the need for oxygen is also decreasing for the patients, the advantage of this is that there is no need for tests like CT scan.

no need to panic

At the same time, talking to NBT, Dr Abhishek Bansal, radiologist of Fortis Hospital said that he has done only 2 CT scans. And nothing was found in either of them. Dr. Bansal says that in the previous wave, 30 to 40 CT scans were being done in a day. But this time it is not so, due to less effect on the lungs, patients are recovering quickly.
He said that several members of the staff at the hospital had also become infected. But there was a need to admit only one staff. At the same time, he also said that the symptoms are going away in about two or three days. So people do not need to panic much.

Corona situation in India

India recorded 1,41,986 new Covid cases in the last 24 hours. Also 285 deaths were recorded. The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare gave this information on Saturday. The nationwide death toll has risen to 4,83,463 after the new fatalities. Meanwhile, the number of Omicron cases has risen to 3,071, of which 1,203 have been discharged from hospitals.
According to the ministry, a total of 27 states have reported the new variants so far.

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India’s recovery rate is 97.30 percent. The weekly positivity rate in the country has increased to 5.66 percent, while the daily positivity rate has been 9.28 percent. With the administration of over 90 lakh vaccine doses in the last 24 hours, India’s COVID vaccination coverage reached 150.61 crore as of Saturday morning. According to the ministry, more than 17.88 crore remaining and unutilized doses are still available with the states and union territories.

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