Corona: Not everyone allowed to file petition regarding Corona: Supreme Court – Not everyone allowed file petition regarding Corona Supreme Court ntc

Story Highlights

  • The petition said – China is spreading corona as a biological weapon
  • Supreme Court reprimanded and dismissed the petition
  • Court said- petition filed only for publicity

A petition filed regarding Corona was dismissed by the Supreme Court saying that it has been filed only for publicity. The Supreme Court said that there is some secret behind Corona. Not everyone with such thinking can be allowed to file a petition.

With this remark, the court refused to entertain a public interest litigation alleging that China is deliberately spreading the virus as a biological weapon.

The Supreme Court dismissed the petition of a lawyer Krishna Swamy Dhanbalan, saying that it has been filed only for publicity. Dhanbalan had defended himself in this writ. The Supreme Court reprimanded the petitioner for filing the PIL and asked whether it is the court’s job to see what is the international impact. Is China committing genocide or not?

The court said what kind of petition is this. what’s going on? It seems that you have filed this petition just to appear before the court and nothing else.

Saying this the court dismissed the petition

Dismissing the petition, the Supreme Court said in its order that it has been alleged in the petition that China is deliberately spreading covid-19 as a biological weapon and the court should issue some order to the government in this regard. It is the job of the government to take action.

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