Corona: Peak in Delhi till January 15, know from Dr. Manindra Agarwal how many patients will come daily, how many beds will be needed? – COVID observations delhi mumbai IIT Kanpur Manindra Agrawal third wave corona peak hospitalization rates ntc

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  • Manindra Aggarwal had also predicted on the first-second wave
  • The predictions made on both waves were largely accurate.

Professor Dr Manindra Agrawal of IIT Kanpur has said that the situation in Delhi is not very good but it is improving. He said that the peak of the third wave may occur in Delhi around January 15. During this 35 to 70 thousand cases will come up daily. Also, during the peak, less than 12 thousand beds will be required in hospitals.

Professor Aggarwal has answered many questions related to Corona. He says that in the coming days, 4 to 8 lakh corona patients will be found daily. He claimed that there would also be a shortage of beds during treatment in hospitals, hence the need for proper management and planning. He said that one and a half lakh beds may be required during the peak.

Professor Aggarwal said that there is a difference between our earlier estimate and this estimate based on South Africa’s data. He said that the data of South Africa is very different from India. Over time we will make the estimates more accurate. He said that it is more difficult to predict for India. We estimate that the peak of the third wave may occur in the last week of January or early February. During this 4 to 8 lakh cases will come daily.

He said that during the peak, 30 to 60 thousand new cases of corona will be reported daily in Mumbai. He said that the number of patients admitted to hospitals in Mumbai is very less, so it is estimated that up to 10 thousand beds will be needed in hospitals during the peak.

Also predicted on 31st December

Professor Aggarwal had also predicted on 31st December. He had said that there is no need to panic due to the increasing cases of Omicron. He also claimed at that time that Omicron would be on peak in February but neither the number of patients would be more nor the patients would have to be admitted to the hospital. He had said that after February, the wave of Omicron would gradually subside.

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