Corona peak in India: 10 lakh corona cases per day or less in India? Omicron peak in India next month corona virus news daily new cases death ntc

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  • India’s experts estimate cases up to 10 lakh every day
  • Corona’s new peak is expected in January
  • Foreign scientist fears peak in February

Corona Omicron peak: Scientists are surprised to see the way corona cases are increasing day by day in India. After the start of Omicron Wave, about 40 to 45 percent patients are increasing every day. Organizations around the world are now estimating that when the peak of this wave comes, then how many cases will come in India in 24 hours?

A US health expert has said in his research that the peak of the current wave of corona in India will come in the next month i.e. in February, during which 5 lakh cases will come daily in the country. Whereas the country’s organization IIS has given a frightening estimate of 10 lakh cases daily. There is a study of IIT Kanpur that the peak will come in January itself and about 4-8 lakh cases will come every day.

foreign scientist’s guess

According to the news agency ANI, Dr Christopher Murray, director of the Washington-based Institute for Health Metrics and Evolution (IHME), has made this assessment. Dr. Christopher Murray said, “India is entering the Omicron wave, as many countries in the world are doing, and we anticipate that when it peaks, there will be more cases than the delta variant last year. Also said that Omicron is less harmful than the Delta variant.

Peak in February, 5 lakh cases daily

Giving the estimate of Omicron Wave, Dr Christopher said, “Records are being made in terms of new cases, but if we talk about the effect of the disease, then it is less dangerous.” Christopher, President of Health Metrics Sciences, University of Washington, has said that he will release the complete data later, but the basic thing is that the peak of this wave should come in India in the next month i.e. February, during which 5 lakh cases will come daily.

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Would Omicron be less dangerous?

Will Omicron be less dangerous because of hybrid immunity developed in India? Giving the example of South Africa in response to this question, he said that there was a high infection of both delta and beta variants, after that the vaccine provides immunity from diseases, and there is less hospitalization despite being vulnerable to the disease. And the deaths are also less. That’s why we think that Omicron will have a lot of cases in India but hospitalizations and deaths will be less as compared to Delta Wave.

Omicron: Up to 10 lakh corona cases will come daily in India, IIS told – when will the peak come and when will it end

In most cases there will be no symptoms

Dr. Christopher Murray said on the basis of his study that in 85.02 percent of the cases of infection, there will be no symptoms at all. But some of these people may have to go to the hospital. He said that according to his assessment, only a quarter of the people who had to go to the hospital in India during the delta wave will be admitted to the hospital this time and the deaths will be less than before.

He said Omicron is 90 to 95 percent less dangerous than the old wave but elderly people will fall ill. So they need to be more cautious. Let us inform that the Government of India is going to introduce booster doses to the elderly people with co-morbidities.

IIS estimates 10 lakh cases per day

Let us inform that scientists of India’s prestigious Indian Institute of Science and Indian Statistical Institute Bangalore have said that the cases of Omicron variant of corona virus will be highest in the third and fourth week of January and then will start decreasing by the beginning of March. This organization has said that daily 3 lakh, 6 lakh or even 10 lakh cases can come up. Researchers have said in their study that if it is assumed that only 30 percent of the population is more vulnerable against Kovid or can be easily caught, then in such a situation this figure is less compared to the cases during the second wave of corona. Will happen.

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IIT Kanpur separate study

IIT Kanpur has also done a study about when the peak of this wave will come in India. Professor Dr. Manindra Agrawal of IIT Kanpur has said that according to estimates, the peak of the third wave may occur in the last week of January or early February. During this 4 to 8 lakh cases will come daily. Professor Aggarwal said about Delhi that the peak of the third wave may occur in Delhi around January 15. During this 35 to 70 thousand cases will come up daily. Also, during the peak, less than 12 thousand beds will be required in hospitals.

1.42 lakh cases today

Let us inform that one lakh forty two thousand new cases of corona have come in India on Saturday. This is 21 percent more than yesterday. Yesterday there were one lakh 17 thousand cases in India.

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