Corona Update: Corona’s peak will come in the country! Kovid cases near 1.5 lakh – Increase in Covid cases triggers third wave alert in India!

Corona Update: Corona’s peak will come in the country! Kovid cases reached close to one and a half lakh

The havoc of Corona is shadowing the whole country. The maximum number of cases are being seen in Delhi and Maharashtra. In view of the increasing cases, a 55-hour weekend curfew is going on in Delhi, this mini-lockdown has been imposed to control the corona. Vehicles are being checked on the roads, on the border adjacent to Delhi, because only those who are going for very important work are allowed in the weekend curfew. At the same time, only night curfew is going on in Mumbai. On January 8, 20,318 new cases of corona were registered in Mumbai, 5 people have died due to corona and 120 buildings have been sealed. The latest explosion of Corona in Mumbai has happened in the CBI office, 68 employees here have been found positive. Watch this video for more information.

India reported a single-day spike of 1,41,986 new COVID-19 cases, the highest in around the last few days. Covid cases have spiked in Delhi, Maharashtra along with other metro cities. Active COVID-19 cases have increased to 4,72,169, the highest in around 187 days. The State Governments have imposed night and weekend curfews to curb the spread. Is this an alert of the covid third wave in India? Watch this video for detailed information.

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