Corona Update: Speed ​​of corona in the country fast, more than 1 lakh 17 thousand cases registered in a day – Massive spike in covid cases, Delhi-Maharashtra on alert

Corona Update: Speed ​​of corona in the country, more than 1 lakh 17 thousand cases registered in a day

The graph of corona in the country is increasing rapidly. Corona has spread in many states of the country, more than 1 lakh 17 thousand cases have been registered in a day. The maximum number of Kovid cases are being seen in Delhi, Maharashtra and metro cities. In Maharashtra, about 41 thousand new cases have been reported in 24 hours. In the same Delhi, more than 17 thousand cases were registered in a single day yesterday. The situation is getting worse in other states as well. If the crisis of Omicron has deepened, then the figures of Corona are also running out unaccounted for. A 55-hour weekend curfew has been imposed in Delhi amid 17 thousand new corona cases in a day. Exit with e-pass is allowed only for essential services. Watch this video for more information.

India witnessed a massive spike of over 1 lakh Covid-19 cases, as per the data released by the Union health ministry on Friday. The new Omicron variant is believed to be behind this exponential rise. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that a record 9.5 million Covid-19 cases were tallied over the last week. Delhi on Friday recorded 17,335 fresh Covid cases, the highest single-day rise since May 8, and nine deaths, while Maharashtra detected 41000 cases in a day. Watch this video.

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